About us

Inspire Yoga provides an alternative: private yoga, underpinned by a customized approach, tailored to individual needs. Our teachers have training and expertise in dealing with specific injuries, health conditions, fitness goals and therapeutic needs.

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Individual Holistic Programs:

Typically our clients are busy executives and mothers who suffer from stress related illnesses such as insomnia, anxiety and chronic tension around the shoulders and back. We offer personalized holistic programs that include private yoga classes, mindfulness coaching, energy healing and nutrition consultations based on their individual objectives to provide a mind body connection that balances their lifestyle.

Corporate Wellness Programs:

We service international companies to bring wellness in the forefront of work life balance. Usually the objective is to improve employee satisfaction, release occupational tension and decrease stress levels. We offer programs to improve posture, practice calming techniques, empower healthy choices, improve communication in the office to enhance energy levels, improve decision making and bring about a culture of creative collaboration in the workplace.

Our approach delivers the following benefits:

  • A more comfortable, relaxed and safe environment to practice yoga and support integrative wellness, regardless of age or physical condition.
  • The personal guidance of certified and experienced teachers fully aware of your individual needs.
  • The flexibility to arrange classes at a time and place convenient for you
  • Emotional balance and mental calm through mind body approach
  • Guidelines on healthy eating by holistic nutritionists
  • Support to relieve stress from mindfulness coaches
  • Release blockages through healing energy therapy
  • Value added to personalized wellness programs by experts in sleep specialists, Chinese traditional medicine doctors, communication experts

inspire yoga

Our Vision

  • To promote balance to those suffering from stress – delivering high quality personalized instruction in a comfortable, private setting;
  • To advance a holistic approach that is always safe and effective, through focusing completely on clients’ specific needs and goals;
  • To build awareness of the physical and emotional benefits of yoga among a wider range of people;
  • To create a community of like-minded professionals who are inspired by a mind body connection.